Polly Melibee How to write your story

(You have 2500 characters - here's how to make them count.)

You may like to start by telling us about where you watched your event and who was with you. What did it look like? What was the atmosphere like? Was it very crowded or was it just the two of you at home? Could you smell food or hot sweaty bodies? Were you hot and bothered, enjoying the sunshine or getting soaked to the bone?

What happened in the event? Was there anything unusual about it? Were there problems before, during or afterwards? Tell us whether it was what you expected or whether you were surprised in some way. Maybe there were dilemmas. How did you and other people react to what was happening and what was going through your head at the time?
You can include dialogue in your story. You can write it in past or present tense as you wish.
Don't forget to tell us who you were supporting and why? Did they win or didn't they and how did that make you feel? Be sure to include all the best bits (and the worst bits!) in your tale - all the things that made it memorable for what ever reason.
Short short stories such as these are sometimes called 'Flash Fiction'. There are some links to flash fiction hints and tips on Polly's Facebook page.
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