Polly Melibee Polly Melibee is a fictional TV Presenter created by digital writer, Anna Pitt. Polly's first story, The O2 Tales, was created in 2010 and was shortlisted for the inaugaral New Media Writing Prize in conjunction with Poole Literary Festival.

The Olympic Odyssey is Polly Melibee's new story. Over the summer of 2012 Polly will be collecting tales from people around the UK, documenting what it is like to be host to the Olympic Games.


To create the Olympic Odyssey we need people to send in their stories to the Polly Melibee website. Anyone can send in a story, whether or not they went to any of the Olympic events.

Perhaps a group of people got together with friends to watch their favourite sport on TV or to support a competitor they know. Maybe you wanted to go to an event but didn't get tickets? Did you go to something you've never watched before and ended up having the time of your life? (Or maybe you didn't make it to the event at all - like Polly and her O2 Tales).

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To make it as easy as possible for people to contribute Polly has put together some guidelines to help you create your story. Click here to see them.
Want to get stuck in and send in your tale? Please do... Click on to the story template and let the tales begin.